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Maui Beach Couples Massage

On April 14, 2022 global travel media posted an article titled, "HAWAII RANKED AS THE MOST INSTAGRAMMED HONEYMOON SPOT"

The Island of Maui taking the second spot. What could be better than the cool island breeze flowing across your skin, the sweet aroma of Island flowers, and Pohaku (hot stones) gliding across your skin? I know, what could make this better! Receiving a couples massage, beach side with your new husband or wife.

Truly relax, listening to the waves rolling in on the shore.

🌊💧🌧 the sound of water has some

  incredible healing benefits 🌧💧🌊

🌊 water clears your emptiness

Listening to the sound of water can be a remedy to heal the soul. Water sounds have long been used in meditation to create a soothing atmosphere for our minds. Science suggests that the sound of running water can affect the rhythm of the neuronal “waves” in our brain, encouraging a more peaceful pace of thought.

💧 it slows your pace of life

Some scientists refer to the sounds of water as “white noise,” in which we can hear any number of things and we are able to let go of our thoughts and let the noise wash over us. In listening to these sounds during meditation, we learn how to be present in the moment and directly experience things as they are instead of getting lost in rumination.

🌧 it relievs symptoms of depression and anxiety

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety. The sound of running water also aids in diminishing depression, increased mental clarity, greater emotional stability and an overall sense of well-being.

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